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We can advance you anywhere between $550 to $500,000 in pre-settlement funding cash. The amount of legal funding you can get is based on the strength and value of your case.

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Better Than a Lawsuit Loan®

Lawsuits take time—often years. Plus, accident and injury lawsuits can bring on more expenses and lost wages, making it more challenging for you to wait for a fair settlement. That’s why we can offer you fast and affordable lawsuit cash funding. So you can get money to pay your bills, and your attorney can keep fighting for your case settlement.

Express Legal Funding can advance you the pre-settlement cash you need now, so you can get on with your life and regain the financial freedom you deserve.™

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In most cases, we can deliver approved cash legal funding in less than 24 hours. Often the very same day.

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You can get approved for pre-settlement funding by phone. No paperwork is needed to apply.


Unlike lawsuit settlement loans, lawsuit funding is entirely risk-free!™ No credit check is needed to qualify.

Lower Rates

We do not work with lawsuit loan companies or use loan broker programs. So you can get more of the settlement money you deserve!

No Costly Fees

We don’t charge unfair and costly fees. No games. One low fixed-rate from day one.™ Less worry and no surprises.

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It’s free to apply and to get approved for legal funding.™ No upfront costs or application fees! We don’t waste your time with fake guarantees.

Pre-settlement Funding For Your Lawsuit

With our low cost legal funding, you can start your financial recovery early.™ Applying is always risk-free. Plus, unlike some lawsuit funding companies, we don’t do any unfair and damaging hard credit pulls.

Cases We Handle

Personal Injury Legal Funding
Wrongful Death Lawsuit Funding
Assault and Intentional Torts
Maritime and Disasters at Sea
Workers Compensation Claims
Lawsuit Funding For More Cases
Full List of Cases

Legal Funding Company

Clients get more with Express Legal Funding. We aim to offer our clients more affordable and transparent lawsuit cash advance rates.™

Better Legal Funding® FAQs

Can I Win a Larger Settlement Amount by Getting a Lawsuit Cash Advance on My Case?

Yes! Getting a pre-settlement cash advance on your legal claim can help both you and your lawyer gain a more fair and larger settlement amount.

The point is that lawsuit funding can help you survive financially and, by doing so, give your attorney more time to focus on winning. That can help them and their law firm maximize the compensation you can recover from your case.

It can make a huge difference and give you the financial boost you need so you aren’t forced to under-settle as defendants take advantage of your tough money situation.

They use that tactic to wait you out and keep money out of your hands and in their corporate bank accounts. That can save them millions, if not billions, of plaintiff settlement dollars each year.

You can get even more lawsuit settlement funding from Express Legal Funding with our lower-cost funding rates and our capped lawsuit cash advance fee.™

Can I Qualify for Legal Funding if I Am Out of Work?

Yes! You can qualify for pre-settlement funding fast, with or without a job. We understand you may be unable to work and don’t require you to provide us with any of your current or past job histories.

We make it easy to apply, so you don’t have to worry—no rising rates or costs—just one low fixed rate from day one.

No collateral. No proof of employment. No proof of income. No hidden or surprise fees. Fair financial relief. The way more legal funding companies should be!™

What is Non-Recourse Legal Funding?

Pre-settlement cash advances are non-recourse funding and not pre-settlement loans in most states, like Texas, of any type. That means we don’t need to check your credit score or legal status to approve you for the non-recourse legal funding we can provide.

Approval amounts are based on the strength (how hard it is to prove) and the value (how much you can sue those liable for the harm you suffered, i.e., insurance policy limits) of your case.

Apply and You Can Get Approved for Legal Funding

Both often improve over time, which means the odds of your getting approved for more the more your case progresses and closer to the end.
It’s standard for ours and the industry’s consumer litigation funding process.

That, alongside the amount of your loss (i.e., medical bills), is what our underwriting team uses. That said, pre-settlement funding for plaintiffs is never instant or guaranteed. Not listening to your attorney or doctor will hurt your ability to qualify.

However, we do our best work to approve our client’s settlement advance funding requests because we know they need money now and not just later when their suit finally comes to an end. We aim to help give financial peace of mind.

Apply now for pre-settlement funding

You can breathe easier knowing a bad credit score won’t hurt your interest rate or change the lawsuit funding amount you can get approved since the lien is on your claim or pending lawsuit and not you, the client. That’s because it is non-recourse and is only as good as the claims you can sue.

Most importantly, lawsuit funding is a risk-free cash advance on your case and not a loan. You never have to pay out of your pocket. No monthly payments. No going into debt.

If you lose your case, you owe us nothing, and just like your no-win, no-fee attorney and law firm hired on a contingency fee basis, we don’t get paid unless you win or settle (recover money from) your claim!

Why Would I Not Get a Pre-settlement Loan?

First, we recommend not applying for a pre-settlement loan if you don’t need money. Like how you should not apply for a bank loan if you do not have any payments or medical bills due for which you are out of funds and need to borrow cash to pay off your living expenses and routine payments.

However, the lesser-known reason you would not get a loan on your pending lawsuit depends on your location.

Because besides, in a select few states, legal funding is the only allowed pre-settlement finance option, which by definition (or court precedent) it is not a loan since you are not required to pay (no absolute repayment) for the cash funds you received if you lose.

Pre-settlement Funding is Not a Loan

This means the contract can not be a lawsuit loan between a lender and a borrower.

Instead, it is a non-recourse purchase agreement between a buyer and a seller. That makes it risk-free legal funding as the lien is placed against your pending claim instead of being a personal debt you have to worry about needing to repay.

That’s why accident victims in states like Florida, Georgia, and Texas, among many others, should always get help from Express Legal Funding instead of an out-of-state “lawsuit loan company.”

Express Legal Funding is Your Best Call For Pre-settlement Funding.

Caution: Lawsuit Loan Companies™

Pre-settlement Loan Companies’ Ads

One thing to keep an eye out for is what other consumer legal funding companies choose for the wording on their websites. It can help you best decide from what company to apply for legal funding.

The big sign of an untrustworthy lawsuit funding company (especially brokers) is that they broadly advertise terms such as “lawsuit loans” and “car accident loans.”

Like in most states, these “lawsuit loan companies” misrepresent themselves in Texas as lenders regulated by the Texas Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner.

To build on this lawsuit settlement loan concept, we made an educational list that includes some of the more commonly misused wording and phrases about consumer legal funding:

  • “Same-day pre-settlement loans near me”
  • “Oasis loans” (As in Oasis Financial, a pre-settlement funding company Not affiliated with Express Legal Funding)
  • “Cartiga loans ” (As in Cartiga Funding, also Not affiliated with Express Legal Funding)

Legal Funding is More Than a Lawsuit Loan Alternative

To put it simply, they are not telling the truth (potentially more than just unfair). Not to mention, pre-settlement loan companies can pursue you with debt collectors even if you lost your case.™ But that’s something you don’t have to worry about with our team at Express Legal Funding!

Lawsuit Loans Claims and Guarantees

It’s best not to believe the calculators and guarantees on other legal funding companies’ websites. You can’t rely on them to show what they plan to charge you.

They include disclaimers with fancy wording to inform you that: “Simple interest rate chart is for illustrative purposes only.” That does not make it ethical and honest.

So, if you do decide to call another pre-settlement funding company, you should insist they fully explain their contract to both you and your attorney.™

Unfortunately, many of our competitors are unethical at best. Meaning they complicate things and play games with your settlement money. Like “guarantee you the lowest interest rates in the legal funding industry by far” but charge you excessive ongoing fees.

These practices are unfair and not even close to ok. That’s why we don’t just talk about how pre-settlement funding should be “fair.”

We are a Transparent Lawsuit Funding Company

We do way more than that; as a company and as people, we care and strive to make our lawsuit cash advances “more fair and affordable.”™

Clients deserve the best in the most fair and fast legal funding.™ That is what Express Legal Funding is about and why we aim to be better than the best! We can get you more of the pre-settlement money you deserve.

Don’t settle for less than the best choose Express Legal Funding for real help now!™

In our home state of Texas, among many others, we only provide pre-settlement funding and not lawsuit settlement loans—so much better—it’s a risk-free lawsuit cash advance on your case!

Instant Lawsuit Funding

We Can Deliver Legal Funding to Plaintiffs in More Ways

The same thing goes for all the states we fund. Clients can now qualify for our legal funding sent via our free direct deposit e-delivery (ask about same day pre-settlement funding).

That’s money sent directly to your bank account (You can choose checking or savings), including cash cards.

Don’t settle for less than you deserve. You deserve the best in lawsuit funding and that is why more people with civil lawsuits in more states can qualify to get financial help from Express Legal Funding than ever before.

We make pre-settlement funding more simple, fair, and easy for you to get the truth.

States We Provide Pre-settlement Cash Advances:

Where Does Express Legal Funding provide funding? We are a nationwide company and can provide pre-settlement lawsuit funding to claimants who qualify in the following ten states:

  • Alabama
  • Arizona
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Michigan
  • Mississippi
  • Missouri (Recourse lawsuit loan)
  • Oklahoma
  • Pennsylvania
  • Texas
  • Virginia

Excluding the state of Missouri, where currently the financial help we can provide is limited to recourse pre-settlement loans, the legal funding we offer in all other states we serve is not a loan of any type.

It is a non-recourse purchase agreement, so repayment of the advanced funds is contingent upon the existence of claim proceeds.

Ready to Apply?

Apply for pre-settlement funding now and learn more about your funding options. Once approved, you start your financial recovery early. You can get approved for fast cash lawsuit funding now and later when you settle or win your case.

Remember, our team gives you the opportunity to call us anytime, 24/7, at (888) 232-9223 to apply and get answers about whether your type of case qualifies. We look forward to helping you!