Car Accident Loans or Accident Lawsuit Funding?

Car accident lawsuit funding can ease your financial burden. Unlike a car accident settlement loan, it’s risk-free!

Car accident lawsuit funding, often incorrectly referred to as “car accident settlement loans,” can help you pay your bills and make purchases.

We know car accident personal injury cases bring additional expenses and lost wages and that bills go up, not down, during a pending car accident lawsuit.

That’s why at Express Legal Funding, we make our car accident lawsuit funding fast and more affordable!

So you can get the car wreck cash relief you need now, and your accident attorney can keep fighting for your car crash settlement.

Unlike car accident loans, car accident legal funding isn’t dependent on or even based on your credit score.

So you don’t have to worry about a bad credit score making your interest rates and costs go up.

Car accident lawsuit funding is risk-free; you never have to pay out of your pocket or bank account—no going into debt.

Just like your car accident lawyer hired on contingency, we don’t get repaid any interest or fees unless you win or settle your accident case! Call us at (888) 232-9223 or apply online to get accident cash relief now.

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Get Cash Lawsuit Funding On Your Case

Car Accident Injury
Cases We Fund

Express Legal Funding is a national company, and we can provide car accident lawsuit funding for all types of motor vehicle accident lawsuits.

The fact is: if you are reading this right now and seeking money for injuries, you are qualified to apply for auto accident pre-settlement funding on your claim.

Our experienced direct funding team can walk you through the process and advance you anywhere between $550 to $500,000 legal funding cash, depending on the strength and value of your car or truck accident claim.

  • Sidewalk pedestrian injuries
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Wrongful death car wrecks
  • Distracted driver accidents
  • Road rage accidents
  • Speeding car accidents
  • Uber and Lyft accidents
  • Pedestrian skateboard accidents
  • DUI and DWI car crashes
Unsure you qualify for an auto accident settlement advance? Give us a call to discuss your options. (888) 232-9223

Get More Car Accident Lawsuit Funding

You can get approved for more auto accident lawsuit funding as your case evolves. That is typically the more affordable way to get a cash advance on your car accident case from us, and not all at once. Less interest over time. So you can get more money from your settlement or trial award.

Plus, you can use car accident lawsuit funding for anything you want except to pay for your auto accident case costs. Most clients use the legal funding for the cost of their daily living and monthly bills. Lawsuit accident funding on your case can give you new options and room to breathe.

Car Accident Lawsuit Advance FAQs

Are car accident loans regulated?

Yes, but be careful. For car accident loans to be regulated, they must be actual loans lent out to you by a licensed lender. In the United States, only licensed lenders can provide consumer credit loans, and each state is unique in how they oversee them.

In the few states with policies regulating lawsuit loans, the authorized lenders agree to strict laws and oversight. The main purpose of these laws is to make sure each of those states’ residents is treated fairly.

We can give loans for car accident lawsuits in Missouri, as we are licensed to do so under what is known as an internet 367 license. Many companies are not. So please be cautious.

Is a car accident loan actually a loan?

Yes, a car accident loan is actually a loan in several US states. However, for most people, it is a risk-free cash advance against any potential settlement or proceeds of the case.

Repayment is contingent upon the existence of your case’s settlement or trial money. So if you lose and don’t receive a settlement or court award, you are not required to repay any of the amount advanced to you.

Unfortunately, the word car accident loan is used fraudulently by many broker companies as these funds are not loans by law. They are not subject to lending laws except in a select few states.

Can car accident lawsuit funding help me get a larger settlement?

Yes! Getting car accident lawsuit funding on your case can help you and your attorney secure a more fair and larger settlement. The point is car accident lawsuit funding can allow you to survive financially while your attorney continues to fight for justice on your financial behalf.

Plus, you can get even more accident settlement money now and later by choosing Express Legal Funding and our low car accident lawsuit funding rates.

How much do car accident loans cost?

The cost of a car accident lawsuit loan should be easy to understand as lawsuit loans need to have a Federal Truth in Lending Act (TILA) section in the contract in the small minority of the states where it is considered a loan. However, that is not the case with non-recourse car accident lawsuit funding since it’s not a lawsuit loan and should not be viewed as one.

To find out how much an auto accident loan will cost you after one year, just read the Federal Truth in Lending Act Section in the loan contract. The TILA can not apply to car accident lawsuit funding as it is not a credit product.

How is car accident lawsuit funding better than a car accident loan?

Yes! Car accident lawsuit funding is a superior option to car accident loans for injured plaintiffs and their attorneys in the non-loan states where it is allowed by law. 

  1. Car accident lawsuit funding is a non-recourse advance. Meaning it can not make you go into debt or destroy your credit.
  2. Car accident funding is not dependent on your credit score or legal status. So you don’t have to worry about a bad credit score making your interest rates go up. 
  3. Most importantly, car accident lawsuit funding is a risk-free cash advance and not a loan, so you don’t need to come up with the money yourself to pay off the debt. 
  4. Just like your attorney and law firm you hired on a contingency fee basis, we don’t get paid unless you win or settle your car accident lawsuit case!

How to qualify for a car accident settlement loan?

The qualifications for car accident settlement loans are a lot like those of car accident legal funding. There is only one small but essential difference people in car wreck cases need to know.

One difference between a car accident loan and car accident lawsuit funding is based on where you live.

  1. To get a car accident settlement loan, you must live in one of the few states where car wreck cases’ only legal finance option is car accident settlement loans. For example, in Missouri, companies can only provide consumer pre-settlement loans for workers’ compensation claims if they are licensed by the Missouri Division of Finance.

The two main qualifiers for car accident lawsuit funding:

  1. You’re owed money for the injuries and damages caused in a car accident that was someone else’s fault and not your own.
  2. You hired a car wreck attorney on a contingency fee basis, meaning your attorney only gets paid when you win or settle your case. This is a type of guarantee.

Once you meet all three of these conditions, you have an excellent chance of getting approved for a car accident settlement loan as soon as our team speaks to your attorney or law firm case manager and they give us the info we need to make an underwriting decision.

The last part of the underwriting decision is out of our hands. It comes down to whether or not your lawyer will sign the Attorney Acknowledgement. Most lawyers do, so that’s not an issue.

By signing it, they acknowledge that they represent you and will follow your Irrevocable Letter of Directions on how to repay the car accident loan at the end of your case.

We can not fund or loan money to our clients without their attorney’s signed acknowledgment. Likewise, you should never accept help from a company that says they will do otherwise and still fund or loan you money on your car accident case.

Going down an unknown legal path alone, without professional legal help, is never a good idea.

Anytime you enter into a legally binding contract, you want advice from an attorney and not solely rely on trusting the company with a financial interest in the deal. 

Can I qualify for car accident lawsuit funding if I don’t have a job?

Yes! We don’t even require you to provide us with any of your current or past job histories. We make it easy, so you don’t have to worry—no rising rates—just one low fixed rate from day one.

No collateral. No proof of employment. Risk-free. That’s how the best car accident lawsuit funding companies should be!

Cash relief now.

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