Brand Guidelines and Identity: Express Legal Funding

The Express and Express Legal Funding wordmarks and logos are a crucial expression of our brand identity, as an ethical pre-settlement funding company.

Our intentional and consistent application of the wordmarks across our website, profiles, and consumer and attorney facing materials strengthen the recognition and visibility of our leading company brand.

This visual reliability, combined with our emphasis on transparency, helps consumers identify they are contacting the lawsuit funding company they can trust.

Brand Guidelines for Express Legal Funding

Express Legal Funding Logo Guidelines

Express Legal Funding has logo and logo icon variants. The main company brand logo includes our three signature primary colors: green, black, and white.

The square logo Favicon is used for the company’s social profile pages, like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It also acts as the company website’s Favicon and consists of green and white colors.

The Favicon has a variant, which is primarily white instead of green.

Logo Brand Guidelines


Express Legal Funding brand guidelines for logos
Express Legal Funding logo branding guidelines


Brand Color Guidelines

The colors synonymous with the Express Legal Funding brand logo and the identity of fast pre-settlement cash funding are:

Three Primary Colors of Express Legal Funding:

  • Gorgeous Green (similar) #2a7a41
  • Black #000000
  • White #ffffff

You can view the brand guidelines infographic below to see the main colors of our company.

Brand Guidelines Color Style

Express Legal Funding brand guidelines for colors
Express Legal Funding brand color guidelines


We appreciate you taking the time to review the brand guidelines for Express Legal Funding.

Brand Logo Use Permission

If you would like to request a high-resolution image file or Adobe Illustrator file of one or more of Express Legal Funding logos, you can email us at [email protected] to make that request to our media branding team.

Please include “Logo request” in the subject line. Please note approval and permission of use is not guaranteed.