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We’re consumer advocates disrupting the legal funding industry.

That began with Express Legal Funding making its pre-settlement funding more fair and affordable.

What Makes Our Lower Cost Pre-settlement Funding Better?

What is Express Legal Funding?

Express Legal Funding is a Plano, Texas based pre-settlement funding company that provides money to injured and damaged plaintiffs throughout the claim and lawsuit process. Clients use legal funding to pay for sudden bills and the cost of living.

Plaintiffs in personal injury cases often need to obtain lawsuit funding due to loss of income, as they are too injured to work or need to replace a car lost in the accident. The funded money can be used for any lawful purpose, except to pay for the case’s expenses or retain the case’s attorney.

We make the best pre-settlement cash advances for plaintiffs. Learn more about us and our transparent company info below:

Mission Statement:

Why is Express Legal Funding the Best Company for You?

It’s simple. It starts with us not being like other legal funding companies. Let them try and prove us wrong. This is our “not a secret, secret” on how we make the best pre-settlement cash advances for plaintiffs. Learn more about us and our transparent company info below:

Fair and Fast Legal Funding

1. Free and Fast Legal Funding Delivery

      • CashApp
      • Chime
      • Green Dot Bank
      • MetaBank
      • GO2bank
      • and more

Low Rates, Not Fees

2. Low Rates Instead of Fees

  • We have a single underwriting fee that caps at $100. No interest applied to it, ever.
  • We charge you nothing for delivery no matter how much you get funded.
  • We don’t work with brokers or broker companies, so you will never pay costly broker fees with us.
  • We don’t charge unfair repeating simple interest six-month fees. So you will never pay a year for 183 days. Even though other funders say, that’s standard practice.
  • We never unfairly take money off the top to pay for delivery costs and fees. Get the funded amount you signed for.

Transparent Funder

3. More Transparent and Inclusive Lawsuit Funding Company

  • We support inclusivity and are no longer members of ARC Legal Funding.
  • We still follow the ARC list of Industry Best Practices.
  • We make our consumer legal funding agreements transparent. We show you the amount owed to us and when on three separate pages.
  • We are the lawsuit funding company we say we are. Meaning another corporation’s underwriters do not own Express Legal Funding nor direct us to who or where we can provide our funding.

Attorneys and Law Firms

4.  Attorneys and Law Firms

  • We make sure your law firm knows of your legal funding request before getting your signed contract—no surprises.
  • We never ask for medical records or case documents from you or your attorney. Other lawsuit funding companies do, and some may even sell them.

Honest and Trustworthy

5. Truthful and Honest Advertising: Better Legal Funding

  • We don’t make claims and guarantees that we can’t legitimately guarantee.
    • We won’t claim “our lawsuit funding is the lowest interest rate in the industry guaranteed” because of all the creative and misleading ways companies charge.
    • We won’t claim: “Qualify for funding in 24 hours” or “Get approved for lawsuit funding in 24 hours or less.” “Pre-approved!”
    • We won’t advertise “same day pre-settlement loans” or “same day pre-settlement funding” as those are misleading claims.
  • We won’t falsely “tell you to want to hear” about legal funding to convince you to choose us over another pre-settlement funding company. When other lawsuit funding companies lie about their rates, we don’t settle and will keep telling you the honest truth. That’s what is just and fair, win or lose.

The Express Legal Funding Origin Story

Where Was Express Legal Funding Founded?

Express Legal Funding was founded in Lubbock, Texas, on January 19, 2015. There was not a local lawsuit funding company. So the idea was to create a local company and create new job opportunities in Texas. Plus, as a local lawsuit funding company, we could give in-person legal funding to our clients faster.


We Give Back to Our Community

Kids Chance
We are sponsors of the Kids’ Chance of Missouri golf tournament.

Who is the Company Leadership Team of Express Legal Funding?

The lead employees of Express Legal Funding:

Cindy Winston, Chief Operations Officer, Express Legal Funding

Cindy Winston

Chief Operations Officer

Bachelor’s Degree
  • Southern Methodist University (SMU) in Dallas, TX
  • BFA major in Journalism, summa cum laude
  • President, Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority
Professional Career
  • Systems programmer/analyst at ARCO International Oil and Gas Co. in Dallas, TX
  • Graphic designer at Copy Craft Printers in Lubbock, Texas
  • Helped develop a Texas based consumer finance company
History at Express Legal Funding
  • Legal funding team transitions
  • Adjustments to company structure
  • New loss prevention system
  • Lead social media campaigns
  • Successfully introduced efficiency program
Community Volunteer Work
  • A long time volunteer for a community nonprofit for woman

Take one step in the right direction.

Melissa Secor, In-House Counsel/Head of Funding

Melissa Secor

In House-Counsel/Head of Funding

Law Firm and Legal Experience

Melissa Secor brings extensive experience to her position as In-House Counsel/Head of Funding at Express Legal Funding, including both litigation and transactional law work. Melissa has a background in family law, internet law, municipal governance, and development contracts.

Melissa holds a Juris Doctor, Cum Laude, from Tulane University Law School and a Bachelor of Arts in English with a minor in Government, Ampla Cum Laude, from The University of Texas at Austin.

Admitted to the Texas Bar in 2018, Melissa is a member in good standing with the State Bar of Texas.

Before joining Express Legal Funding, Melissa Secor’s prior roles include:

  • Land Development Associate at Megatel Homes, LLC
  • Attorney at Walters Gilbreath PLLC and Hutcherson Law, PLLC
  • Assistant City Attorney & Contract Administrator for the City of Hutto
  • Student Attorney at the Tulane Domestic Violence Law Clinic
  • Extern to the Honorable Betsy Lambeth, Georgetown, TX, 425th Judicial District Court, Williamson County

United States of America v. Abukar Osman Beyle: These Seas Are My Seas, These Seas Are Your Seas—Determining the High Seas and the Limits of Constitutional Protection, Tulane Journal of International & Comparative Law, Volume 1, Issue 1 (Fall 2015)

Melissa’s dedication to providing comprehensive legal training and her involvement in community service, evidenced by her Pro Bono Hours Certificate of Recognition, highlights her commitment to legal excellence and community improvement for all.

Regan Butler, Paralegal and Underwriting Specialist

Regan Butler

Paralegal/Underwriting Specialist

Regan Butler is a skilled Legal Assistant with experience in legal case management and pre-settlement funding.

Law Firm and Legal Experience

Before joining Express Legal Funding, Regan Butler’s prior roles include:

  • Legal assistant at Devadoss Law Firm in Dallas, Texas – Regan played a critical role in managing cases with the Office of Personnel Management and Workers’ Compensation Programs.
  • Administrative Assistant at Pediatrics Plus – Regan worked with medical practices, insurance companies, and families to streamline therapy intake processes.
  • Data Entry Operator/Interventionist at Harris County Juvenile Probation
  • Senior Technology Assistant, Language Commons, The University of Houston

Regan holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Houston and is a Certified Public Notary in Texas.

Regan’s meticulous attention to detail and diverse background in legal and administrative roles make her a valuable asset to the Express Legal Funding team.

Aaron R Winston

Aaron R. Winston

Strategy Director & “The Legal Funding Expert”

Financial Industry Experience
  • More than ten years of experience in the consumer finance sector
  • Acted as a consultant to a top financial advisory firm, which manages $400+ Million USD in client assets with a focus on:
    • Firm technology
    • Brand identity
History at Express Legal Funding
  • Successfully launched multiple branding initiatives for Express Legal Funding.
  • Reduced company spending and increased company output
  • Aaron Winston is the leading consumer advocate in the pre-settlement funding industry.
  • Lawsuit funding industry thought leader
  • Conservative pre-settlement funding underwriter
Pre-settlement Funding SEO
  • Expert legal funding SEO and author
  • Industry innovator that continues to develop new legal funding SEO concepts
  • Has a creative mastery of SEO that extends to multi-industry copywriting.
  • A dark horse
Notable Author
Business Skill Accreditations
  • Ranked in the top 5% – SEO Assessment on LinkedIn
  • Ranked in the top 15% – Google Ad Assessment on LinkedIn

If we don’t advocate for the legal funding consumer, who will?