Express Legal Funding: Editorial Policies and Ethics Standards

The Editorial Policies and Guidelines of Express Legal Funding are central to our efforts to be a trustworthy platform for authors to make their content available to the masses.

As a company, we take measures to ensure our expert staff and experienced authors provide the highest level of reliable and factual content for our readers and be a civil lawsuit and legal funding blog resource they can trust.

Transparency and Trust:

Who we are: Express Legal Funding LLC is a pre-settlement funding company with its headquarters in Plano, Texas. The company formation and founding date of Express Legal Funding is January 19, 2015.

Our principals, employees, and Express Legal Funding staff authors are located in the United States. Read our About Us Page for more details about our company and values. Editorial Policies of Express Legal Funding What Are the Editorial Values and Efforts for Express Legal Funding? Our editorial team, led by Author and Strategy Director, Aaron Winston, has introduced additional efforts to publish original and expertly researched content for our diverse readers in dozens of countries spanning the globe.

Additionally, all blog posts have easy to find author by lines and last updated dates at the top directly under the article title and above the featured image.

Editorial Integrity

Each new article published on the website is read by one or more third-party attorneys who are not employees of Express Legal Funding, which facilitates a more unbiased review process focused on our efforts to author and publish original articles and other content.

This includes the embedded videos on our site hosted on the YouTube streaming platform.

We maintain ethics policies that ensure the articles written by third parties only add to the website’s overall editorial quality. Express Legal Funding does not accept third-party financial compensation for submitting guest posts or selecting the outbound links we have throughout our website.

Our blog’s articles display the author’s names, photos, and biographical info of the text work’s author(s) so our readers can know who wrote the content they are reading. This transparency is paramount to upholding our high standard of trustworthiness.

What Are the Company Website Accessibility Standards? Accessibility and Readability: We strive to make the Express Legal Funding website accessible to our readers by including alt-text, having sufficient contrast ratios, and not using counterproductive accessibility plugins. We track the Flesch Readability score when writing and editing content.

No Third Party Financial Influence or Affiliate Links. We maintain our editorial independence to deliver the best content to our readers and clients.

Does Express Legal Funding Accept Paid Guest Posts? No, Express Legal Funding does not allow for paid guest posts or charge for outbound link placement. We strive to keep our website and editorial processes free of third-party financial influence and advertisements as best as possible.

Also, none of the links on the Express Legal Funding website are affiliate advertising links of any type.

Corrections Policy:

Although we fact-check all info before publishing, mistakes can happen. So if we discover erroneous content, we make every effort to quickly address the matter the very same day or the following day, depending on the time. Please note the delay could be longer if it is determined we need to seek a third-party professional review.

Additionally, our website’s readers can contact our editorial team to notify them of details about article corrections.

Readers can notify our team of a potential article edit by emailing us at the following email address: [email protected].

Website visitors can also call us toll-free at (888) 232-9223 to notify Express Legal Funding’s 24/7 support team of their sending an email.

Written by Aaron R. Winston
Last Updated: May 27, 2023 9:13pm CDT