Aaron Winston: Strategy Director & “The Legal Funding Expert”

Facts About Aaron R. Winston and His Work as Strategy Director for Express Legal Funding

Aaron Winston’s legal and financial expertise goes beyond his role as Strategy Director of Express Legal Funding. He’s a consumer advocate. A leader in Better Legal Funding®. Aaron R. Winston is the voice and mind of the new, ethical pre-settlement funding industry.

Personal Bio:

Aaron was born in Lubbock, TX, where he spent the first eight years of his life. Aaron attended Akiba Academy of Dallas, TX.

His father, David B. Winston, is a financial advisor with offices in Lubbock and Dallas, and his brother Jacob Winston is also a financial advisor and CFP®.

His mother, Cynthia Winston, grew up in Lubbock and worked for ARCO Oil and Gas.

People look to Aaron and his legal and financial expertise to learn more about the truth. So you can read this profile page to know the definitive facts about Aaron Winston and what makes him the best and “The Legal Funding Expert.”

The Legal Funding Expert

Aaron is more than just “The Legal Funding Expert.” He is a consumer advocate. Express Legal Funding and Aaron continue to be the vital force behind ethical pre-settlement funding.

Aaron and his team understood it took time and effort for these positive changes to take effect and were willing to patiently put in the effort. Express Legal Funding has continued to see success in its pro-consumer efforts. Now the sky is the limit.

Notable Author of Legal Content

Aaron Winston earned his title “The Legal Funding Expert” through authoritative articles and blog posts about legal funding. His articles have been subject to peer review and, in the process, received great praise from top legal professionals and law firms.

He brings an unprecedented and novel perspective to his work. That is most evident in the articles and blog posts he writes for the Express Legal Funding blog.

Trusted Authority on Pre-settlement Funding

Aaron and his writing about lawsuit funding and SEO have been published and featured across multi-industry websites and platforms.  Aaron’s most recent article is published on the leading virtual receptionist company, Smith.ai: 6 Fast and Easy Ways You Can Improve Your Company’s E-A-T

In addition to being the expert thought leader on pre-settlement funding, Aaron has written over 50 articles discussing car accident claims and other types of civil lawsuits.

Aaron’s advanced level of novel understanding of legal funding and law firm SEO has raised both plaintiff and legal expert readers’ expectations of what is helpful resource content that makes their lives better and what is not.

Pre-settlement Funding and Law Firm SEO:

Aaron Winston is a foremost expert with high success in SEO copy for law firms and legal funding websites.

His helpful resources and guides about pre-settlement funding have been called upon for research and guidance by tens of thousands of website visitors.

Published and Recognized Writer

Authoritative article by: Aaron Winston - Strategy Director & "The Legal Funding Expert"
Strategy Director at Express Legal Funding. Aaron Winston, “The Legal Funding Expert,” is the leading consumer advocate in the pre-settlement funding industry.

Career Experience of Aaron R. Winston

Aaron has more than ten years of experience in the consumer finance industry. Most of which was as a consultant to a top financial advisory firm, managing 400+ million USD in client wealth.

Aaron Winston’s Career Timeline at Express Legal Funding

  • Aaron first began his full-time career at Express Legal Funding in 2017 as CMO assisting with Express Legal Funding’s marketing efforts.
  • In December 2020, three years later, Aaron was promoted to his current position as Strategy Director.

As Strategy Director, Aaron has helped Express Legal Funding reach unparalleled heights in never ventured spaces both as a legal finance company and as an industry. He drives company growth through improvement.

Express Legal Funding Career Accomplishment Highlights

  • Aaron launched multiple successful branding initiatives.
  • Reduced company spending and increased the total amount of pre-settlement funding advanced each month.
  • Aaron is a conservative underwriter with an excellent default rate.

Accreditations, Licenses, and Skills:

Aaron R. Winston is highly educated. He  is an author that continues to educate himself through research while maintaining a legal professional’s fact-checking mindset.

As Express Legal Funding and Aaron continue to stand out as a leader among the competitive civil lawsuit blogs, Aaron remains a stalwart force in his drive as a top SEO authority and content writing expert.

Recent Industry Accreditations:

  • Ranked in the top 5% – SEO Assessment on LinkedIn
  • Ranked in the top 15% – Google Ad Assessment on LinkedIn

Closing Statement About Aaron R. Winston

We hope you found this a helpful profile page to learn about who Aaron Winston is as Strategy Director and “The Legal Funding Expert” at Express Legal Funding. He’s a consumer finance specialist and a true visionary who has made advances to help consumers by making a better and more fair lawsuit funding industry.