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Express Legal Funding provides pre-settlement funding in Florida. It’s not a lawsuit loan. It’s risk-free.

Express Legal Funding can provide pre-settlement lawsuit funding in Florida to accident victims who need access to money while they wait for their case to settle or even go to court for trial.

As a lawsuit funding company with over 7 years of experience, we have seen how many accidents happen in Florida, and those cases last anywhere from a few months to even several years.

This reality means most people in Florida are not in the financial position to continue paying their bills each month and waiting that long to get a settlement. It only gets more challenging if they are injured in an accident and are missing work.

Personal injury and car accident cases always bring more costs, not less that is the whole point of filing the accident claim.

So you can recover financially and get the financial relief you need from the unexpected medical bills, new car repairs, and lost wages.

The civil lawsuit process takes time, so with approved legal funding in Florida, you can start your financial recovery early.

That’s why our team at Express Legal Funding is here and why we can provide you with our pre-settlement funding in Florida.

So you, other Floridians, and people in many states across the nation can get a lawsuit cash advance when you need it and stop waiting for your case to settle or your big court victory.

Our lawsuit funding for pending claims is a risk-free pre-settlement cash advance. So we put the lien for repayment against the potential case proceeds and not on you, the injured victim. All the while, you can spend the money we can fund you now and don’t have to wait only for later.

So unlike a Florida lawsuit settlement loan, there is no risk of credit harm for you–no going into debt. We’re like personal injury law firms hired on a contingency fee basis. That’s what makes it risk-free.

Pre-settlement funding agreements understand you aren’t guaranteed to recover money from your accident claim. It’s our financial risk as the legal funding company every time we provide someone with lawsuit cash funding.

So you can come out ahead even when you go to court and lose.

Get Cash Lawsuit Funding On Your Case

Accident Lawsuit Funding in Florida

In Florida, most of the claims and lawsuit types we can provide legal funding for are personal injury and car accident lawsuits. The good news for injured people in Florida is that many injury lawsuit types you can sue for money fall under the personal injury lawsuit category.

We can advance you anywhere between $500 to $500,000 in lawsuit cash, depending on the value of your Florida personal injury case.

If you’re not sure if your case qualifies for lawsuit funding, give us a call to discuss your options. (888) 232-9223

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Company for Florida

Florida plaintiffs can get more lawsuit cash with Express Legal Funding. We aim to offer our clients lower and more transparent legal funding rates.

Fast Funding

In most cases, we can typically deliver approved injury case funding in less than 24 hours. Often the same day with our same-day ACH lawsuit funding–We never charge for faster delivery.

We understand our Florida clients want to receive their approved funding ASAP, and our pre-settlement funding team strives to keep that in mind!

Lower Rates

We do not work with personal injury lawsuit loan companies or have unfair legal funding broker programs.

So you can keep more of the fair settlement or trial your so rightly deserve. Better Legal Funding®

ACH Direct Funding

We can deliver approved pre-settlement funding directly to you in your cash card account for fast ACH funding: CashApp, GreenDot Bank, Chime, and more.

Plus, the lawsuit cash advance delivery is always at no cost to you from us, no matter your choice! No surcharges or unfair fees.

Personal Cash Checks

We can send approved legal funding checks via next business day overnight shipping. So you can get a cashable check for your potential injury case settlement now.

No bank or CashApp accounts are required to access approved lawsuit funding in Florida.

Risk-Free Cash

Personal injury lawsuit funding is better than a lawsuit loan in Florida. If you lose your claim, you owe us nothing.

The money advanced to you as legal funding is yours to keep: your financial victory and our total loss.

Fast Funding

You can get approved for Florida lawsuit funding by phone. No paperwork or medical records is needed to apply. Plus, it never costs. You never need to pay anything to apply—no upfront application fees. Not to mention, unlike other companies, we never charge interest on our capped underwriting fee. No case management fees either!

Florida Legal Funding FAQs

Is lawsuit funding better than Florida lawsuit settlement loans?

Yes! Lawsuit funding is better than a pre-settlement loan in Florida because it’s not a lawsuit loan of any type! Instead, it is non-recourse funding on your case. So that means for Florida residents that we only get paid if you win or settle your case–it’s a risk-free pre-settlement cash advance in Florida.

You don’t have to worry about owing us money if you and your attorney go to trial and lose your case. That’s how no-risk legal funding is supposed to work in Florida. By definition of a Florida court ruling, legal funding is not a loan. The lien is on your case potential case proceeds and not you. It’s an investment.

Can I qualify to apply for pre-settlement funding in Florida?

If you seek money for injuries or damages caused by another person or company to you or a loved one in a wrongful death claim, then—yes! You are qualified to apply for Florida legal funding.

As a legal funding company, we do not provide lawsuit loans in Florida and have never checked any Floridian’s credit score.

That’s because we never factor in your credit history to approve people in Florida for pre-settlement funding on their cases, and we don’t consider increasing the interest rate or fee you would pay because you have bad credit or have no credit at all.

How much legal funding for my case can I qualify for in Florida?

Since pre-settlement funding is based on your injury or accident claim’s potential proceeds, the amount you can qualify for depends on your case’s current stage and value.

So typically, that means lawsuit funding companies fund less to victims of accidents and injuries that just occurred and can advance more over time as the case develops.

Can I get pre-settlement funding if I live in Florida?

Yes, you can. The first step to getting approved for legal funding in Florida is to call us at (888) 232-9223. We make it easy to apply for Florida lawsuit funding anytime, 24/7. Whether it be by phone, live chat, or an application, so you can apply to get more of the best Florida lawsuit cash advance you need more quickly.

One qualification step that always comes first when you apply is hiring an attorney to represent you on your claim. The Florida Bar referral service can help you find an attorney if you need assistance hiring one to represent you.

Cash relief now.

Three Easy Steps

  1. Call or Apply Online: Call or apply online for Florida legal funding anytime. Get help in a few short minutes.
  2. We Review: We speak with your attorney and quickly review your case.
  3. Get Cash: We can typically deliver Florida lawsuit funding within 24 hours of approval.
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