Fact Check: Flat-fee Structure False Claim

Fact check: "They have a flat-fee structure so that your interest doesn't accumulate as time goes by with your case."

Written by Aaron R. Winston
Last Updated: March 10, 2024 1:11pm CDT

Claim: They have a flat-fee structure so that your interest doesn’t accumulate as time goes by with your case.

Claimed By: Settle4Cash

Fact Check: The Settle4Cash article incorrectly claims that Express Legal Funding uses a flat fee structure.

Nowhere is there a page on the official website of Express Legal Funding does it indicate that the direct funding company employs a flat fee structure.

It’s quite the opposite, as multiple pages on the site use the words “rates” and “interest,” which denote interest accruing over time and not a flat fee.

Still, even if you forget the falseness of Settle4Cash’s claim about Express Legal Funding, a “flat fee structure” is generally misleading.

To indeed be a flat fee, the fee needs to be the same amount, no matter what, large or small.

Flat fees inherently can not be percentage based. The price is the price from minute one, and according to Settle4Cash, interest is not applied.

The following is an example of how flat fees need to work to still be a flat fee.

For legal funding, a flat $100 fee must remain the same $100 amount, whether a client received $500 or $5,000.

The best way to begin to verify how much are the interest rates of a particular lawsuit funding company is to apply with them.

However, you should not take their word for how much they say the funding will cost. You can be proactive and research that info during the lawsuit funding process.

You can accomplish this by reading the consumer lawsuit funding contract terms before signing and getting your attorney’s law help.

You are encouraged to ask your lawyer for legal advice about pre-settlement funding, as, like with everything, there are important pros and cons worth considering.

Fact Check By: Express Legal Funding

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