US Road Signs List 2024: Ultimate Guide to All Traffic Signs

A US highway lined with many different types of road signs: guide, regulatory, warning, and construction signs.

Written by Aaron R. Winston
Last Updated: June 16, 2024 3:08pm CDT

A US highway lined with many different types of road signs: guide, regulatory, warning, and construction signs.

The reality is that most people are not familiar with all of the types of road signs in the United States, which can quickly turn a smooth journey into a perplexing driving challenge.

Understandably, that also means most people cannot convey the meaning and purpose of all the different types of road signs covered in the very technical Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) published by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).

Still, whether you’re a new driver, an experienced road warrior, or a visiting tourist, understanding the meaning and significance of these signs is essential for safe and informed driving.

In this easy-to-understand article, we will delve into the world of US traffic road signs, exploring their various types, meanings, and the regulations that govern their use.

We aim to provide you with this crucial information without forcing you to wade through traffic sign engineer jargon.

From the familiar stop signs and speed limits to the more obscure symbols and markings, we’ll provide you with the knowledge you need to confidently interpret and respond to the signals that guide our roadways.

So buckle up and join us on this informative journey through the signs that keep traffic on America’s roadways moving.

Table of Contents

The Importance of Understanding Road and Highway Signs

Understanding road signs is crucial for ensuring safety on the roads. They provide essential information and warnings that help drivers navigate and make informed decisions.

Proper knowledge of road signs reduces the risk of car and motorcycle collisions and other types of dangerous accidents by promoting orderly traffic flow and preventing misunderstandings in various driving situations.

Last but not least, this proficiency will help you adhere to legal regulations and driving rules, avoiding fines and penalties.

What are regulatory road signs?

Regulatory Road Signs

Regulatory road signs are a vital component of the US road sign and traffic law system. These signs, which have a white or red background, display specific laws and regulations that drivers must follow and cover many areas of road safety, including speed limits, parking restrictions, lane usage, and right-of-way rules.

Drivers can be ticketed for violating the regulatory road sign instructions and, depending on the severity, face jail time or stiff fines (i.e., rolling stops or speeding).

Speed Limit Signs

A white and black "speed limit" sign on a blue background.

  • Indicate the maximum or minimum speed at which vehicles may legally travel.

Stop Sign

Red STOP sign with white text on light blue backdrop.

  • Stop signs are red are red and require drivers to come to a complete stop at an intersection or junction and often include supplemental plaque signs, such as “4-Way.”

Yield Sign

Red yield sign on blue background.

  • Instructs drivers to give the right-of-way to other vehicles or pedestrians.

Do Not Enter Sign

White and red "Do Not Enter" sign on a blue backdrop.

  • Indicates roads or areas where entry is prohibited for all vehicles.

One-Way Sign

  • Indicates streets where traffic moves in only one direction with a left or right-pointing arrow, depending on the street.

No Parking Any Time Sign

A white and red traffic sign says "NO PARKING ANY TIME" with a left-pointing arrow at the bottom.

  • Indicates areas where parking is never allowed.

No U-Turn Sign

A no U-turn traffic sign.

  • Prohibits vehicles from making U-turns.

No U or Left-Turn Sign

Traffic sign disallowing left turn and U-turn.

  • Used to prohibit drivers from making U-turns or left turns at the indicated location to ensure traffic flow and safety.

Two-Way Left Turn Only Sign

Two-Way Left Turn Only Sign with left and right arrows in center marked "ONLY" in black text.

  • Indicates a shared center lane that allows vehicles from both directions to make left turns.

Double Left Turn Lane Sign

Double Left Turn Only Lane Sign: Two left-turn lanes, each marked with "ONLY" and left-turn arrows.

  • Signs for double left-turn lanes indicate that the two left-most rows of motor vehicles going in the same direction are allowed to make a left-hand turn simultaneously.

Bike Lane Sign

A black and white "Bike Lane" sign on a blue background.

  • Designates the right portion of the roadway exclusively for the use of bicyclists, with motorists heading in the same direction on the left.

HOV 2+ Only Sign

HOV 2+ Only traffic sign with a diamond symbol.

  • Indicates that a car must have two or more passengers to qualify to travel in the preferential high occupancy vehicle lane (HOV lanes facilitate faster travel according to the Freeway Management Program).

No Standing Anytime Sign

  • Indicates a location where drivers are prohibited from stopping their vehicles at any time in a specified location, even temporarily, except to avoid a collision with other traffic or to comply with the directions of a police officer or road traffic control device.

No Right Turn Sign

"No right turn" traffic sign prohibits turning right.

  • Used to prohibit drivers from making a right turn at an intersection or a specified point on the road.

No Left Turn Sign

A "no left turn" sign with a red circle and slash over a left-turning arrow.

  • Used to prohibit drivers from turning left at an intersection or a specified point on the road.

Right Lane Must Turn Right Sign

A white traffic sign with black text reads, "RIGHT LANE MUST TURN RIGHT".

  • Instructs drivers that vehicles in the right-hand lane must make a right turn at the upcoming intersection or designated turn point.

Left Lane Must Turn Left Sign

White road sign with black text: "LEFT LANE MUST TURN LEFT".

  • Instructs drivers that vehicles in the left-hand lane are required to make a left turn at the upcoming intersection or designated turn point.

Weight Limit Signs

Traffic sign: "WEIGHT LIMIT 10 TONS" in black text on white background.

  • Indicate the maximum weight of vehicles allowed on certain roads or bridges.

What are warning road signs?

Warning Road Signs

Road warning signs are traffic signs that warn drivers about potential hazards or changes in road conditions ahead, such as curves, intersections, or animal crossings.

What color are road warning signs?

The color of road signs within this category are typically yellow and have a symbol or message indicating the specific danger. They help increase driver caution and prevent accidents to ensure road safety.

Hairpin Curve (Right) Sign

Hairpin curve right traffic sign, with a right bending arrow in black on a yellow warning sign background.

  • Indicate that a tight right bend in the road is ahead and to alert drivers to reduce the speed of their motor vehicles and to drive cautiously.

Hairpin Curve (Left) Sign

Hairpin curve left traffic sign, with a right bending arrow in black on a yellow warning sign background.

  • Indicate that a tight left bend in the road is ahead and to alert drivers to reduce the speed of their motor vehicles and to drive cautiously.

Hill Signs

Yellow diamond traffic sign with the word "HILL" in black letters.

  • Warns drivers of a steep incline or decline on the road ahead.

Hill With Grade Sign

Yellow warning sign: 8% steep grade, truck descending.

  • Warns drivers of a steep incline or decline on the road ahead, including the degree of incline/decline.

No Passing Zone Sign

A yellow triangular "No Passing Zone" sign.

  • Indicate zones where overtaking other vehicles is not allowed.

Low Clearance Warning Sign

Yellow diamond low clearance warning sign: "12'-6" height clearance" with black arrows in both up and down directions.

  • Indicate the maximum height of vehicles able to pass under bridges or overpasses due to height limits.

Road Narrow Sign

A yellow diamond-shaped sign with "Road Narrows" in black.

  • Warns drivers of the road width restrictions affecting larger vehicles’ ability to navigate on narrow roads.

Dip Sign

Yellow diamond-shaped sign with "DIP" text, indicating an upcoming dip in the road to drivers.

  • Indicates to drivers of an upcoming low place in the road and to reduce the speed of their motor vehicle. Dips in the roadway, like potholes, can damage the undercarriage (section underneath the main cabin) of vehicles traveling too fast.

Bump Sign

Yellow diamond-shaped sign with "BUMP" printed on it in black, indicating an upcoming bump in the road to drivers.

  • Indicate an upcoming sharp rise in the road’s shape, suggesting drivers reduce the speed of their motor vehicles to mitigate the impact and subsequent turbulence caused by rolling over the sudden bump.

Deer Crossing Sign

Yellow diamond deer crossing road sign.

  • Alerts drivers that deers may cross the road in the area, prompting caution. Other types of animal crossing road signs: cattle crossing or elk crossing signs.

Slippery When Wet Ahead Road Sign

Slippery when wet traffic sign with a swerving car icon in black on a yellow background, indicating slippery road conditions.

  • Warns that the road ahead may be slippery, especially in wet or icy conditions.

Fallen Rocks Sign

Yellow diamond traffic sign with "FALLEN ROCKS" printed black letters.

  • Alerts drivers to the possibility of rocks falling onto the road from nearby cliffs or hills.

Merging Lanes Signs

Two yellow traffic signs show merging traffic from left and right.

  • Warns drivers that two lanes of traffic will combine into one lane ahead, specifying the direction of the merging lane that ends.

Winding Road Sign

Yellow diamond sign with a black squiggly arrow pointing up, warning of winding road ahead.

  • Cautions drivers about a series of curves or turns in the road ahead.

Crossroad Sign

  • Warns drivers of an upcoming intersection with another road.

Traffic Lights Ahead Sign

Traffic lights ahead sign, with traffic light symbol on yellow background.

  • Alerts drivers to an upcoming intersection controlled by a traffic signal, prompting them to have an increased level of caution and to prepare for the possibility of having to stop if the traffic light is red (or flashing red). These signs are installed where the view of the approaching intersection is blocked and act as a heads-up to motorists.

Emergency Signal Ahead Sign


A yellow road sign with black text reads "EMERGENCY SIGNAL AHEAD," warning drivers of an approaching emergency traffic signal.

  • Indicates to drivers that there is a traffic signal ahead, which may be activated by emergency vehicles, such as fire trucks or ambulances, requiring approaching drivers to stop when activated.

Circular Intersection Ahead Sign

A yellow traffic sign with three black arrows forming a circle warning drivers of a roundabout is ahead.

  • Warns drivers of an upcoming roundabout or traffic circle, requiring them to yield to traffic already in the circle before entering it.

Yield Ahead Sign

A yellow diamond traffic sign with a red and white yield symbol and a black arrow above it indicates a yield sign is ahead.

  • Alerts drivers to an intersection with a yield sign ahead, where they must give the right of way to other drivers.

Railroad Crossing Sign

Yellow railroad crossing warning sign featuring two "R" separated by a crossroad symbol.

  • Warns drivers of an upcoming railroad crossing.

Stop Ahead Sign

Yellow diamond-shaped road sign with a black arrow above a red stop sign in the corner, indicating to drivers a stop sign is ahead.

  • Indicates that a stop sign intersection is coming up, requiring drivers to stop.

Dead End Sign

Yellow "Dead End" traffic sign.

  • Warns drivers that a road or path does not continue or connect to another road, indicating that they may need to turn around to reach their desired destinations.

Playground Sign

Yellow traffic sign with two figures on a seesaw symbol in black, indicating an upcoming playground to drivers.

  • Installed near playgrounds to alert drivers to slow down and exercise caution because children are likely to be playing nearby.

School Zone Ahead Sign

A school zone ahead/pedestrian crossing sign with two people walking on a bright yellow neon background.

  • Inform drivers that there is a school zone ahead and there may be increased child pedestrian activity in the area.

School Bus Stop Ahead Sign

Yellow neon diamond-shaped traffic sign with an arrow above a school bus stopping for children with a flashing red light icon.

  • Indicate to drivers of an upcoming school bus stop in situations where there is inadequate sight distance for approaching traffic to see a stopped bus. This warning sign helps prevent pedestrian car accident injuries to children getting on and off a school bus.

What are guide signs on the road?

Guide Road Signs

Guide road signs provide directional and location information to help drivers navigate to their destinations. These signs have green backgrounds and include details such as route numbers, mileage, and points of interest, ensuring safe and efficient travel.

Destination Distance Sign

Green highway interchange sign with mileage: Lamar 15, Eads 51, Limon 133.

  • Indicates the direction and mileage to various destinations like cities, towns, or landmarks for highway routes.

Interstate Route Marker Sign

Interstate 90 route marker shield shape guide sign.

  • A shield-shaped guide sign identifies and guides drivers along numbered interstate highways, ensuring straightforward navigation and route recognition.

Interstate Oasis Sign

Blue highway sign with "Interstate Oasis Exit 38" written in white.

  • An interstate oasis highway sign indicates a rest area or service location along interstate routes that provides products and services to the public, such as food and fuel. In order to qualify as an interstate oasis, the location must have 24-hour access to restrooms and parking to accommodate heavy trucks and regular cars.

Hurricane Evacuation Route Sign

Blue hurricane evacuation route sign with a white hurricane icon and text below.

  • Guides and directs people to safe evacuation routes during hurricane emergencies.

Advanced Services Sign

Blue advanced services sign showing amenities: gas, food, lodging, phone, hospital & 24-hour pharmacy.

  • Indicates services available in the area with symbols such as gas, food, a pharmacy, lodging, or a hospital.

Park and Ride Sign

Green "Park & Ride" traffic sign with white letters and a car carrying passengers icon.

  • Indicates designated facilities where drivers can park their cars and transfer to public transportation to complete their journey.

Street Name Sign

Green street name sign with "10 Av" text printed in white with a thin white border.

  • Indicates the names of streets and roads to help navigate urban and rural areas.

Scenic Byway Sign

A white road sign with a blue winding road with a star logo above "America's Byways" written in red text.

  • Indicates highway routes that offer travelers picturesque views and access to cultural, historical, or natural attractions.

Exit Signs

Green exit sign with white "EXIT" text with a white angled upward-pointing arrow on the bottom half.

  • Informs drivers about upcoming highway exits and the destinations accessible from those exits.

Mile Marker Sign

Green traffic mile marker sign reading 'Mile 17'.

  • Shows the mile number along a highway to help with navigation and emergency location reporting.

Toll Road Pass Only Sign

A white traffic sign shows "Toll Pass ONLY" with a downward arrow, indicating it is applicable to the lane below.

  • Indicates that only vehicles with a valid toll road pass (used for electronic toll collection) are allowed to use the designated lane or route, excluding drivers who want to pay by cash via a toll booth.

Logo Service Sign

Highway sign at Exit 44 shows food service options: Blimpie, IHOP, KFC, McDonald's, Subway, Romano's Macaroni Grill.

  • These big blue signs are positioned prior to exits or interchanges on freeways and display logos of restaurants or lodging travelers can visit via the upcoming exit.

Advanced Trailblazer Sign Assemblies

Trailblazer road sign assembly for routes 79 N/S and 290 E with directions to Interstate 30.

  • Provide direction to specific destinations or routes through a series of signs, often used for detours and alongside tourist routes.

What are motorist service signs?

Motorist Service Signs

Motorist services signs have blue backgrounds and provide information about essential services available to drivers, such as gas stations, rest areas, and hospitals, often combined with highway exit signs.

Gas Symbol Sign

Blue road sign with a white gas pump icon, signaling an upcoming gas station.

  • Directs motorists to nearby gas stations for refueling their vehicles.

Food Symbol Sign

Blue food road sign with fork and knife in a white circle, signaling upcoming restaurants.

Lodging Sign

Blue square road sign with a white bed and person figure, indicating lodging.

  • Provides information about nearby hotels, motels, and other accommodations for overnight stays.

Hospital Symbol Sign

Hospital road sign: "H" in white on a blue background, indicating a nearby hospital.

  • Alerts drivers to the nearest hospital or emergency medical facilities.

Electric Vehicle Charging Sign

A blue EV charging station sign with a gas pump icon and "EV" text, indicating available EV charging nearby.

  • Indicates the presence of electric vehicle charging stations for recharging electric vehicles.

Camping Sign

  • Points out locations of campgrounds for motorists looking to camp in tents overnight.

Telephone Symbol Sign

A blue square road sign with a white phone icon in the center indicates a phone is nearby.

  • Marks the location of public telephones for drivers who need to make a call.

Truck Parking Sign

Blue truck parking sign with 'P' and a white truck silhouette indicates a location for truck parking is nearby.

  • Directs truck drivers to parking areas designated for trucks, such as 18-wheelers.

Wireless Internet Sign

A blue square road sign with a white laptop and WiFi signal icons symbolizes available internet access nearby.

  • Informs motorists of rest area locations offering free or paid Wi-Fi services.

What color are cultural and recreational road signs?

Recreational and Cultural Interest Area Road Signs

Recreational and cultural interest symbol signs have brown backgrounds and indicate the presence of recreational facilities like parks, campgrounds, and historical sites, guiding drivers to leisure activities.

Picnic Site Sign

Picnic area sign: A white picnic table symbol on a brown sign background.

  • Directs travelers to locations equipped with picnic tables and facilities for outdoor dining.

Hiking Trail Sign

  • Indicates the starting point to one or more hiking trails nearby.

Fishing Area Sign

Fishing area symbol sign: a white open-mouth fish facing a fishing hook on a brown road sign background.

  • Guides anglers to spots where fishing is permitted and often plentiful.

Boat Ramp Sign

Boat launch ramp sign: Symbol of a boat being launched down a ramp into the water.

Wildlife Viewing Sign

Wildlife viewing sign: Icon of white binoculars on a brown square background.

  • Guides to areas where wildlife can be observed in their natural habitats.

Horseback Riding Trail Sign

Horseback riding trail sign of a white horse rider symbol on a brown sign background.

  • Marks trails that are suitable for horseback riding, often in natural settings.

Ranger Station Sign

Ranger station sign: a white house icon with a flag against a brown background.

  • Indicates the location of the nearest ranger station at national and state parks where visitors can get help from a park ranger.

Driving Tour Road Sign

Driving tour road sign: Simplified car icon in white with directional arrows surrounding it on a brown square sign.

  • Guides drivers to a designated scenic or historical route that can be toured via riding in a motor vehicle.

Mechanic Symbol Sign

Mechanic symbol road sign: A white wrench on a brown square sign.

  • Indicates to drivers the presence of a nearby mechanic service or vehicle repair facility.

Radiator Water Sign

Radiator water symbol sign: Icon of an open car hood and hose with a drop of water, symbolizing a location to refill radiator water.

  • Indicates a nearby location where drivers can refill their vehicle’s radiator with water to prevent overheating.

Rattlesnakes Symbol Sign

Rattlesnake in white on a brown sign background, warning drivers of rattlesnakes in the area.

  • Warns drivers and pedestrians of the potential presence of rattlesnakes in the area.

Temporary Traffic Control Signs and Barricades

Temporary traffic control signs are temporary signs used to manage traffic in construction zones, work areas, or temporary events, providing critical information and guidance to drivers and pedestrians.

What are the colors of temporary traffic control warning signs?

These signs have orange backgrounds, black borders, and black lettering. They help ensure safety, regulate traffic flow, and communicate changes in road conditions, lower speed limits, lane closures, and detours often due to roadwork.

Road Work Ahead Sign

An orange diamond "Road Work Ahead" sign.

  • Alerts drivers and pedestrians of ongoing construction or maintenance activities on the road.

Men Working Sign

An orange traffic sign with a person using a shovel indicates to drivers that workers are near or on the roadway.

  • Warns drivers that they are approaching an area with road workers along or on the roadway.

Utility Work Ahead Sign

Orange "Utility Work Ahead" road sign on.

  • Alerts drivers and pedestrians of upcoming utility work on or near the roadway.

Detour Sign

Orange "Detour" traffic sign with a right arrow.

  • Used to redirect vehicles onto an alternative route due to road closures or construction.

Road Work Next Five Miles Sign

"ROAD WORK NEXT 5 MILES" printed in black on an orange rectangle traffic sign with a black border.

  • Indicates that road construction or maintenance activities will be present for the next five miles of the road.

Slow Traffic Ahead Sign

An orange "SLOW TRAFFIC AHEAD" sign.

  • Alerts drivers to an upcoming decrease in traffic speed or congestion on the road.

Right Shoulder Closed Sign

An orange diamond traffic sign reads "RIGHT SHOULDER CLOSED" in black text.

  • Indicates the closure of the right shoulder on a road or highway where maintenance or construction work is being carried out.

Right Two Lanes Closed Sign

Orange diamond-shaped traffic sign reads "RIGHT TWO LANES CLOSED" in black text.

  • Notifies drivers that the right two lanes of the road ahead are closed and that they should merge to the left lane.

Blasting Zone Sign

Orange diamond-shaped traffic sign with "BLASTING ZONE AHEAD" warning.

  • Warns drivers and pedestrians ahead of areas where explosives are being used for construction or excavation purposes.

Exit Closed Sign

Orange traffic sign with "Exit Closed" in black text.

  • Indicates that a street or highway exit is unavailable for use or is temporarily closed for safety or operational reasons, often related to ongoing construction work.

Flagger Ahead Sign

  • Warns drivers that they are approaching a location where a flagger is controlling traffic around a work zone.

Road Closed Sign

An orange diamond traffic sign reading "ROAD CLOSED AHEAD".

  • Indicates that the road is closed to all traffic and is often used during construction or maintenance in tandem with type 3 barricades.

What is a type 1 barricade?

Type I Barricades

Type 1 Barricade: Diagram with labeled dimensions, warning light, and orange striped reflective panel.

  • Type 1 barricades are lightweight A-frame-shaped road folding barricades with one retroreflective panel consisting of orange and white angled stripes that indicate a close road or delineate traffic, especially around work areas.

What is a type 2 barricade?

Type II Barricades

Diagram of a Type 2 barricade with dimensions and an optional top light, typically used near construction road signs.

  • Similar to type 1 barricades, type 2 are foldable A-frame-shaped barricades used to block off areas during construction or maintenance activities. The main difference is that type 2 consists of two retroreflective panels for enhanced visibility at night and on expressways.

What is a type 3 barricade?

Type III Barricade

Diagram with Type 3 barricade measurements, structure, safety light on top, typically used near construction road signs.

  • The largest of the three MUTCD barricade types with a minimum height of five feet, type 3 barricades are used for road construction, contain three retroreflective panels, and are often used to block off entire roadway entrances.

Traffic Barrels

Orange and white reflective traffic drum.

  • Traffic barrels, also known as traffic drums, are barrel-shaped traffic markers with plastic construction and retroreflective features that assist with what is known as channelizing traffic and drivers through temporary work zones, lane closures, or detours. They are typically filled with sand or water to keep them in place.

Closing Summary About Road Signs in the United States

Understanding the different types of traffic signs in the US is crucial for ensuring road safety and smooth traffic flow.

These signs are designed to communicate important information quickly and effectively to drivers, helping to prevent accidents and guide drivers to their destinations.

Key Takeaways:

  • Regulatory Signs: These signs provide instructions that road users must follow. Common examples include stop signs, yield signs, and speed limit signs.
  • Warning Signs: These signs are typically yellow and warn drivers about potential hazards or changes in road conditions ahead, such as sharp turns, pedestrian crossings, or animal crossings.
  • Guide Signs: These signs provide directional information to help drivers navigate roads and highways, including route markers, destination signs, and mileage indicators.
  • Informational Signs: These signs offer general information, such as services available at upcoming exits, rest area locations, and points of interest.
  • Temporary Traffic Control Signs: These signs are used to provide important information and guidance to drivers and pedestrians and manage traffic in construction zones, work areas, or temporary events.

Thank you for reading our comprehensive guide on traffic signs in the US. As always, we encourage our readers to drive safely and responsibly!

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