Lawsuit Funding in El Paso, TX

El Paso lawsuit funding can ease your financial burden. Unlike a pre-settlement lawsuit loan, it’s risk-free!

In El Paso, TX, lawsuits and legal claims can last for months to even years, and most El Pasoians, like the rest of the people in Texas, cannot afford to wait this long if they have injuries and are owed money for their injuries and damages.

At Express Legal Funding, we understand this and that it’s not just one more week until your day in court or until your settlement money finally arrives.

It means waiting one more week after you have been patiently waiting many months to even several years for the financial justice you deserve.

That’s why our professionally trained team can step in and help you with legal funding in El Paso.

So you can get lower interest rate cash relief when you need it most and can stop waiting for your case to be settled or won in court.

Express Legal Funding is El Paso’s premier and top ethical, legal funding company. We were founded in Texas back in 2015. So when we provide consumer lawsuit funding in El Paso, we are helping our El Paso community.

Our lawsuit funding in El Paso and for all of Southeast Texas is a risk-free pre-settlement advance on the potential proceeds from your lawsuit.

So unlike lawsuit loans, lawsuit funding in El Paso can’t make you go into debt.

We’re like El Paso personal injury attorneys hired on a contingency in that we only get paid when you finally win or settle your case.

Our risk, your lawsuit money now and later. Our lawsuit funding in El Paso can be the ultimate financial game-changer you deserve.

Get Cash Lawsuit Funding On Your Case

Personal Injury Lawsuit Funding in El Paso

In El Paso, most of the legal advance cash funding we can provide is personal injury lawsuit funding.

The good news for people injured in the El Paso area is that many types of legal funding fall under the personal injury lawsuit category.

We can advance you anywhere between $500 to $500,000 in cash depending on the value of your case.

  • Defective product injuries
  • El Paso personal injury legal funding
  • Dog bite injuries
  • El Paso wrongful death legal funding
  • El Paso Jones Act lawsuit funding
  • Staircase accidents
  • Escalator accidents
  • Nursing home abuse
  • Sexual assualt cases

Oil Refinery Explosion Lawsuit Funding in El Paso, TX

El Paso oil refinery workers can get larger pre-settlement cash advances because of our more affordable legal funding rate.

Better Than an El Paso Lawsuit Loan

Legal funding for your El Paso personal injury lawsuit can help you make payments, pay rent, and make new purchases you and your family need.

That’s why Express Legal Funding can give you lawsuit funding in El Paso that is not only fast but also affordable.

So you can get the cash advance you need now, and your attorney can keep fighting for the fair personal injury settlement you so rightly deserve.

Don’t settle for an out of state lawsuit loan company when you can get real lawsuit cash help from your trusted cash legal funding ally in El Paso! Remember, Express Legal Funding is the best lawsuit funder in Texas and on your side!

Pre-settlement Cash Advances in El Paso, TX

The residents of the El Paso area can get more lawsuit money for their lawsuits with Express Legal Funding.

We aim to offer our El Paso clients more affordable and more transparent lawsuit pre-settlement funding rates.

Don’t settle for an out of state lawsuit loan company when you can get real lawsuit cash help from your trusted cash legal funding ally in El Paso!

Remember, Express Legal Funding is the best lawsuit funder in Texas and on your side!

Lawsuit Funding for All of the El Paso Area

If you’re not if sure your case qualifies for legal funding, give us a call to discuss your options. (888) 232-9223

Lawsuit Funding for All of the El Paso Area

  • El Paso County, TX legal funding
  • Hudspeth County, TX legal funding
  • Culberson County, TX legal funding
  • Jeff Davis County, TX legal funding
  • Presidio County, TX legal funding
  • Reeves County, TX legal funding
  • Pecos County, TX legal funding
  • Brewster County, TX legal funding
  • Love County, TX legal funding
  • Ward County, TX legal funding
  • Pecos, TX legal funding
  • Fort Stockton legal funding
  • Marfa, TX legal funding
  • Horizon City, TX legal funding
  • Kermit, TX legal funding

El Paso Lawsuit Funding FAQs

We want consumers to learn more about how lawsuit funding works because that empowers them to make the smart choice and choose us for their lawsuit funding in El Paso.

Am I qualified to apply for cash lawsuit funding in El Paso?

If you seek money for injuries or damages caused by another person or company, then — yes! You qualify to apply for El Paso pre-settlement funding! Plus, you can still be eligible for legal funding cash even if you have bad credit or are currently out of work.

Is lawsuit funding better than a lawsuit accident loan if I live in the El Paso area?

Yes! Lawsuit funding is better than an El Paso lawsuit loan because it’s not an El Paso pre-settlement loan of any type! Instead, it is non-recourse lawsuit funding in El Paso, TX. Meaning we only get paid if you settle or win your case.

You don’t have to worry about being stuck with owing us a penny if you go to court and lose your case. That’s how risk-free legal funding is supposed to work in El Paso and the rest of Southeast Texas.

How can I apply to get lawsuit funding in El Paso, Texas?

The first step to get approved for a pre-settlement cash advance is to call our team of El Paso, Texas legal funding experts at (888) 232-9223. We make El Paso lawsuit funding easy.

So you can get the El Paso pre-settlement funding cash advance you need faster and for lower rates.

Can I get lawsuit funding in El Paso without an attorney?

No, but don’t worry. The way lawsuit funding works, you do need to be represented by a lawyer before getting funding.

The good news is that the only type of attorney-client relationship that qualifies for pre-settlement funding is a lawyer hired on a contingency fee basis. A risk-free hire, just as our lawsuit funding in El Paso. Get lawsuit cash now and later.

If you need help finding an attorney who handles your case type, you can give us a call to provide you with a few names in your area to help get you started.

Also, you can use the El Paso Bar Association’s Lawyer Referral Service by contacting the El Paso Bar via email or telephone. As soon as you hire an attorney, we can move forward with the lawsuit funding approval process.

Why would I get legal funding from a company that has never been to El Paso, Texas?

We would not! These lawsuit funding companies often did not file with the Texas Secretary of State.

Making it easier for them to avoid the law — that’s never good a thing for you, the consumer plaintiff.

Cash relief now.

Three Easy Steps

  1. Call or Apply Online: Call or apply online for funding anytime. Get help in a few short minutes.
  2. We Review: We speak with your attorney and quickly review your case.
  3. Get Cash: We can typically deliver funding within 24 hours of approval.
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