Why Be a Personal Injury Lawyer? Insights From 6 Attorneys

Personal injury lawyers meeting with an injured client

Written by Aaron R. Winston
Last Updated: May 21, 2024 4:30am CDT

Personal injury lawyers meeting with an injured client

Nowadays, more than ever, an unexpected injury can occur anytime or anywhere. When that happens, a personal injury lawyer’s role becomes relevant and essential to the injured victim.

These legal professionals in the United States and worldwide advocate for those affected by accidents and negligence, ensuring justice and compensation for their suffering and losses.

Regardless of whether you ever plan to go to law school, being a personal injury lawyer is one of the more alluring career paths in recent years, and it’s worth pondering why.

Personal injury attorney consultation with legal client in wheelchair

History and statistics show us that having above-average pay does not equate to career satisfaction.

So, what excites personal injury attorneys about their job and gets them out of bed in the morning?

That’s what our editorial team at Express Legal Funding sought to find out by interviewing relevant voices to help us give our readers an improved level of insight and context about why someone would want to become a personal injury lawyer.

To do that, we collected and analyzed responses from actual personal injury lawyers, describing in detail what aspects of practicing injury law they find most rewarding and why.

Why Become a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Beyond the noble pursuit of justice for victims afflicted by other people’s negligence or tort against them, being a personal injury attorney offers a unique blend of financial opportunity (attorney contingency fee), professional fulfillment, intellectual challenge, and an opportunity for personal growth inside and outside the injury law field.

Personal injury victim getting attacked by dog

In the next section, we highlight what each of the six respondents said about their favorite part of being a personal injury lawyer (each complete answer with an image of the attorney who said it is also provided in this article):

Best Parts of Being a Personal Injury Lawyer

  • Positively impacting people facing hardship
  • Fighting for the underdog and leveling the playing field against insurance companies
  • Upholding moral values and trust of injury law clients
  • Righting wrongs and obtaining justice through legal advocacy
  • Guiding clients through challenging times
  • Securing justice and fair compensation for personal injury victims

Positively Impacting People Facing Hardship

Florida-based personal injury lawyer Andrew Pickett, Founder and Lead Trial Attorney at Andrew Pickett Law, shares how his passion for his job lies in being a catalyst for positive change, offering hope and justice to those facing adversity.

Andrew Pickett - Personal injury lawyer

My favorite part about being a personal injury lawyer is that it allows me to directly impact positive change in people’s lives during their most challenging times. Witnessing clients regain control of their lives and obtain the justice they rightfully deserve is a profoundly gratifying feeling, as it makes a difference.

It’s not just about representing clients in court. It’s about providing a beacon of hope and ensuring they receive fair compensation to aid them financially in their recovery process. This aspect of my work goes beyond professional achievement. It feels like a personal mission to serve and advocate for those in need.

Another aspect to remember is that the job takes determination and effort. Most of my client’s cases are complex, and each one presents its own set of challenges.

So, the role involves my analyzing the evidence, considering numerous legal strategies, and navigating through various laws and regulations to build a strong case for my client.

But when all the hard work pays off and justice is served, the effort is worthwhile.

Guiding Injured Victims Through Challenging Times

Atlanta, Georgia-based personal injury lawyer M. Denzel Moton shares how he finds meaning in positively transforming the lives of those who have suffered greatly.

M. Denzell Moton, Esq.

As a personal injury lawyer, my favorite part of the profession is the profound impact I can make in the lives of individuals who have experienced significant hardships due to injuries.

A unique satisfaction comes from providing legal representation and helping clients navigate through one of, if not the most challenging periods of their lives, with dignity and hope.
For example, as an attorney who handled numerous dog bite cases, I’ve seen how traumatic these incidents can be for victims—both physically and emotionally.

By aggressively negotiating and litigating on their behalf, my team has successfully secured the necessary financial compensation to cover extensive medical treatments, including reconstructive surgery, which not only aids physical recovery but also helps with the psychological aftermath.

Moreover, I find meaning and engagement in educating clients about the nuances of personal injury law. It empowers them to feel more in control of their situation.

Whether it’s explaining the intricacies of comparative negligence or the potential outcomes of a settlement negotiation, the ability to make the legal process transparent and understandable enhances client satisfaction and trust, which contributes significantly to the overall fulfillment I find in my work as a personal injury lawyer.

My educational approach has helped demystify our clients’ legal challenges, enabling them to move forward with a clearer understanding and an increased sense of peace of mind.

Fighting for the Underdog and Leveling the Playing Field Against Insurance Companies

Attorney Ethan Pease of the Visionary Law Group highlights how he enjoys the continuing education and research required to be an effective personal injury lawyer confronting the strength of large corporations.

Attorney Ethan Pease

One of the most rewarding aspects of being a personal injury lawyer, particularly in workers’ compensation and severe motorcycle accident cases, is the ability to level the playing field for individuals who find themselves battling against large insurance companies and complex legal systems.

My role allows me to turn their often daunting and distressing situations into ones where they feel supported and fairly treated.
For instance, during my tenure with cases at Visionary Law Group, I’ve taken on cases where clients faced significant challenges from insurers unwilling to acknowledge the severity of the injuries sustained in motorcycle accidents.

By utilizing a meticulous approach to evidence gathering, which generally involves compiling witness statements, collecting medical records, and conducting detailed case evaluations, I’ve been able to build compelling cases that lead to substantial settlements on their behalf.

These outcomes provide financial relief to my clients and validate their experiences and injuries, often minimized or disregarded by insurers and those liable.

Another aspect I find particularly gratifying about law practice is the continuous learning aspect of workers’ compensation.

It helps me provide the most effective representation by staying updated on the latest regulatory changes and court decisions.

This difference-maker was evident when my updated knowledge about repetitive motion injuries led to a successful negotiation, factoring in my increased understanding of such injuries’ long-term impacts.

Ultimately, this enhances my capability to secure better outcomes and amplifies the trust clients place in my legal guidance, making personal injury law a fulfilling career.

Upholding Moral Values and Trust of Injury Law Clients

Attorney Andy Gillin, the Managing Partner at GJEL Accident Attorneys, explains how the personal injury lawyer role necessitates maintaining higher moral values and client trust with the following.

Lawyer Andy Gillin - GJEL Accident Attorneys

One facet I genuinely love about being a personal injury lawyer is that the line of work constantly reminds me of the importance of solid moral values. Every interaction with our clients is based on absolute trust, genuine honesty, and adherence to principles of integrity.

Naturally, these types of injury cases often require clients to recount their personal tales of harrowing ordeals, be emotionally vulnerable and put their hopes of justice in us, their legal team.

The magnitude of such trust inherently necessitates the highest degree of ethical behavior from us.

Working with my clients significantly reinforces my belief that honesty and a strong moral compass are essential in every sphere of life. Whether personal or professional, truthfulness, respect, and fairness principles should guide our actions.

My favorite part of being a personal injury attorney is an ongoing lesson in ethics and morals, a constant reminder that our profession calls for us to be more than just followers of laws.

The role beckons us to be agents of trust, truth, and justice.

Righting Wrongs and Restoring the Balance of Power Through Legal Advocacy

Personal injury lawyer Mark Sadaka, Founder of Sadaka Law, shares how he finds great satisfaction in empowering the disenfranchised and seeking justice, which are the cornerstones of his career.

Personal injury lawyer Mark Sadaka

One of the most rewarding aspects of my profession is the ability to use the power of law to rectify wrongs and help correct the power imbalance in society.

Advocating for people harmed by negligence, defective products, or corporate malfeasance (wrongdoing) is deeply fulfilling.

It allows me to be a voice for those who may feel powerless and to achieve justice on their behalf.

This sense of purpose, combined with my specialized medical background, positions me to handle even the most medically complex cases, which is even more incredibly rewarding due to their challenging nature.

Securing Justice and Fair Compensation for Personal Injury Victims

Huntsville, Alabama-based attorney Hunter Garnett, Managing Partner and Founder at Garnett Patterson Injury Lawyers, shares how he enjoys turning the tide for victims wronged by corporate negligence by ensuring they get justice and fair compensation for their injuries.

Attorney Hunter Garnett

As a personal injury lawyer, my favorite part of the profession is helping clients find justice and fair compensation after suffering harm due to others’ negligence. There is nothing more rewarding than fighting for people who have been taken advantage of or treated unfairly.

I find great satisfaction in meticulously building a case, gathering evidence, and advocating for clients to get them the best possible outcome, whether through a settlement or in the courtroom.

For example, a few years ago, I represented a client who was severely injured after slipping and falling at a major retail store due to a spilled cleaning product that was left unattended. The store’s insurance company initially denied all responsibility.

However, after months of legal work, including taking depositions, hiring expert witnesses, and threatening to take the case to trial, we were able to secure a sizable settlement for the client that helped pay for her medical bills and other damages.

The look of relief and gratitude on her face made all the effort worthwhile.

Ultimately, helping ordinary people fight powerful companies and institutions that have caused them harm is undoubtedly the most fulfilling part of my job as a personal injury lawyer.

Express Legal Funding: Helping PI Lawyers Improve Client Satisfaction Via Pre-settlement Funding

Like the attorneys in this article, we at Express Legal Funding also provide an incredibly valuable service to personal injury plaintiffs that helps level the playing field.

However, instead of being their legal representation, Express Legal Funding can advance non-recourse pre-settlement funding to clients to help them cover the cost of living and pay for unexpected bills during their cases.

Happy personal injury client who received pre-settlement funding

The following is a summary of what our pre-settlement funding is and how it helps both the clients and their attorneys.

Financial Support for Plaintiffs

Pre-settlement Funding: Express Legal Funding provides cash advances to plaintiffs in personal injury cases. This financial support is crucial as it helps clients manage their living expenses and medical bills while awaiting the settlement of their case.

Benefits to Personal Injury Lawyers

  • Proactive Client Support: By offering financial assistance through pre-settlement advance funds, Express Legal Funding helps lawyers ensure that their clients can afford to wait for a fair settlement rather than accepting a “low-ball offer” due to financial constraints.
  • Focus Remains on the Case: With their clients’ financial pressures alleviated, personal injury lawyers can focus on building a stronger case without being rushed into settlement negotiations by clients in need of immediate funds.
  • Improved Client Retention: Clients are thankful and feel cared for by attorneys who facilitate obtaining legal funding. It’s an easy, no-cost win for lawyers that streamlines the application process.
  • No-risk Payment: The funding is non-recourse, meaning it only needs to be repaid if the plaintiff recovers money from the claim. This risk-free nature benefits both the client and the lawyer, as it does not add financial burden in case of an unsuccessful outcome.

Unsung Benefits of Our Consumer Legal Funding for Personal Injury Law Practices

For personal injury lawyers, partnering with or recommending services offered by reputable companies like Express Legal Funding can be highly beneficial.

Pre-settlement funding aids lawyers in providing comprehensive support to their clients, enhancing their ability to secure better outcomes without the constraint of financial pressures affecting their clients’ cases.

We continue to see how this strategic partnership can be a valuable addition to the legal services offered, leading to higher client satisfaction and better plaintiff case results.

Clients can apply risk-free anytime, 24/7, by calling Express Legal Funding toll-free or submitting an application online.

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