Pre-settlement Lawsuit Funding FAQs

Types of Lawsuit Money

Pre-settlement lawsuit funding is when a company gives you money now in exchange for the right to receive a portion of your case’s financial settlement in the future. So you can get money immediately to pay your bills.

There is no risk to you, no monthly payments, and never any danger of debt collectors. Legal funding does not have to be repaid until the end of your case, and that is if you settled or won.

Even though you might see some other companies refer to pre-settlement lawsuit funding as a lawsuit loan in most states like Texas and Oklahoma, it’s not a loan of any type.

Your credit score is not a factor in getting approved for legal funding. In fact, pre-settlement funding can help you repair your credit by paying off debts.

A workers’ compensation loan is given to an injured worker who is borrowing money against the future settlement or trial award of their workers’ comp claim.

Workers’ comp loans must be given as loans in Missouri. We can provide this type of Missouri lawsuit loan since the Missouri Division of Finance actively licenses us.

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How to Apply for Pre-settlement Lawsuit Funding

If you have been injured or damaged, and another person or company is at fault, then the answer to your question is – yes! You are qualified to apply for pre-settlement lawsuit funding.

In many cases, your lawyer may not even need to file a lawsuit. Because if you anticipate receiving money through either a lawsuit cash settlement or court award, you are qualified to apply 24/7 for pre-settlement lawsuit funding on your case.

You can apply now for pre-settlement lawsuit funding by calling us or by applying now online. We make it quick and easy to apply 24/7 for pre-settlement lawsuit funding. Our caring and helpful funding team will help you proceed quickly with your lawsuit funding application.

  1. Apply: Apply for cash legal funding online or call us at (888) 232-9223 to speak with a bilingual funding specialist.
  2. Review: We speak to your attorney and quickly review your case.
  3. You Get Cash: In most cases, we can deliver pre-settlement lawsuit funding within 24 hours of approval.

Cases We Handle

Most people mistakenly think companies like Express Legal Funding can only provide lawsuit money for car accident and personal injury case types. However, we like the best legal funding companies can advance plaintiffs their pre-settlement cash for many different civil lawsuit cases.

The important parts are hiring an attorney on a contingency fee basis and having that attorney fighting for your settlement or trial award.

Personal Injury
Wrongful Death
Intentional Tort
Maritime Injuries
  • Jones Act claims
  • Death on the High Seas Act (DOHSA)
  • Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act (LHWCA)
  • Tugboat injuries
  • Cargo tanker explosions
  • Ship grounding accidents
  • Barge accidents
Workers Compensation Claims
Other Case Types

Cash relief now.

Cash Pre-settlement Lawsuit Funding FAQs

We can deliver pre-settlement lawsuit funding to our clients in a lot of ways, including electronic bank transfers, cashable checks, FedEx business day overnight.

Express Legal Funding can advance you cash on your potential lawsuit settlement or court award anywhere from $550 to $500,000, depending on the value of your case. So the more your case is estimated to be worth, the more lawsuit cash relief funds we can give you now!

No, we cannot provide this service that other companies refer to as post-settlement funding. Money offered to plaintiffs post-settlement is too similar to a loan.

That is a problem in the states that only allow for non-recourse lawsuit funding on cases.  There is nearly no risk for the company that provides the post-settlement funding, which means guaranteed repayment.

The entire concept of pre-settlement funding involves the legal funding company’s financial risk. That is not the case with post-settlement funding companies, which means they would need to be licensed loan companies.

Express Legal Funding-Missouri, LLC is a licensed lender in Missouri and can provide post-settlement loans to Missouri consumers.

Yes! It is not uncommon for someone to request more than one pre-settlement lawsuit funding on their case as expenses continue and increase over time. Therefore, we often recommend this option, as it also saves you the client money.

In addition, it’s generally much more affordable and cost effective to get more than one smaller lawsuit funding than one large cash advance upfront from day one. That way, you avoid paying interest on the money you don’t need yet.

Call us anytime, day or night at (888) 232-9223 to request more pre-settlement funding on your case.

More Pre-Settlement Lawsuit Funding FAQs

Express Legal Funding can provide pre-settlement financial help to the consumers of Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Missouri, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

Express Legal Funding aims to offer the most affordable and fair rate in the consumer legal finance industry so we can fund our clients more money for their cases. Call (888) 232-9223 to learn more.

Yes! Because we work for you. Express Legal Funding will only voluntarily discuss the existence and terms of your financing agreement with the attorneys who represent you on this case.

Your attorney will review the same lawsuit funding agreement you signed and sign off on their approval. All consumer legal funding companies should require this.

At Express Legal Funding, we pride ourselves on our endless dedication to being transparent to our clients and the lawyers who represent them.

Yes. Express Legal Funding can call upon our Spanish-speaking staff to fully assist you with pre-settlement lawsuit funding from start to finish. We don’t want a language barrier to stop you from receiving the financial help you need.

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No. Pre-settlement lawsuit funding is not a loan in most states like Texas and Oklahoma, where we can purchase a share of the potential settlement or trial award money of a plaintiff’s case.

If they lose their case, the plaintiff does not owe Express Legal Funding any of the money they obtained from us because it is a non-recourse funding agreement.

However, in some states, like in Missouri, it is required to be a loan and not non-recourse funding. We are licensed to make loans by the Missouri Division of Finance as a consumer credit loan company.

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Three Easy Steps

  1. Call or Apply Online: Call or apply online for funding anytime. Get help in a few short minutes.
  2. We Review: We speak with your attorney and quickly review your case.
  3. Get Cash: We can typically deliver funding within 24 hours of approval.
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